Sunday, 30 August 2009

Had a couple of walks today, the morning spent up Pegsdon Hills and the afternoon at Oughtonhead Common in Hitchin, here are some pics starting with pics from this arvo!

Long Tailed Tit


Male Chaffinch

Kestrel (Pegsdon)

Cool Caterpillar!

Coal Tit

Marsh Tit
Another Kestrel coming in to land

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  1. Hi mate, nice pics. The new lense seems to be treating you well. I thought that was you at Pegsdon the other day! We had quite a good morning there. I went there today but saw pretty much nothing unfortunately. I think your unidentified bird is a willowchaff(willow warbler or chiffchaff- I find it very hard to tell at this time of year when they don't sing).